Connecting industries

We help IoT-enable your products, machines and services so that your organisation can turn insight into action and use digital twins to build bridges between physical and digital, thereby enabling you to create new revenue streams and do business smarter.

We unlock the potential of IoT.

We develop and implement Industrial IoT. We have launched numerous IoT-solutions on the market and we help connect factories, products and machines to the cloud by utilising device, edge and cloud technologies.

IoT Cloud Platform

We design and implement enterprise cloud systems for IoT-data collection and integration with business systems.

Industrial Edge Computing

With our Edge Computing Modules we make the cloud power available on the factory floor and to embedded systems.

Cloud Architecture

We help you design and implement the system integration making your IoT-solution a 360 degree solution.

Project Execution

We have significant experience with navigating business cases to future-proof solutions and services.

Featured Case Studies

We have done it many times before. That is creating IoT-solutions that generate new business values by leveraging the potential of IoT. Let’s discuss what we can do for you.

From Exploration to Maintenance

Let us help you from the development of the business case to implementation in your operation.

  • Explore the business case with effective PoCs
  • Implement your IoT-based offerings by utilising our flexible and scalable cloud framework
  • Maintain, govern and scale your solutions with managed and secure services


We are based in the Øresund region and apart from our employed senior advisors
we utilize a comprehensive network of specialists in Denmark and Sweden.