The diverse array of Industrial IoT use cases requires software integration and APIs to support relevant business processes and applications. Industrial IoT Cloud Platforms should enable developers to easily create code, business rules, and data management capabilities integrated while ensuring security and manageability. When designing an enterprise IoT Cloud development tools, scripting tools, API links, and API management tools should support integration with enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, Connected Field Services and tools for Advanced Analytics.

The importance of establishing the right open architecture, that gives an easy integration to other business systems and prevents silos, cannot be overestimated. Our consultants will always work to make the integration as easy as possible and they have knowledge and experience with many specific systems.


The challenge is not to hook into the IoT data and use it as another Business System. Almost anything you can think of is possible. Give a good Cloud Architect access to your system, and the Architect will fix it. No problem. It may take some time, but it will work. At least for some time.

The challenge is to make the Architecture so open and flexible, that it is economically feasible to build a stable and robust solution that uses the data somewhere else. If you achieve this, you will promote the Digitalization of your Business.

At Glaze, our Cloud Architects have years of experience from building solutions that involves system integration. We work daily with the latest technologies in Software and Clod development. We have up to date experience with Kubernetes, Microservices, Service Fabric, Docker Containers, DevOps and Continuous Integration / Delivery (CI/CD) and we use many resources to always keep us updated.

To build a Cloud Architecture that promotes Business Integration, it is important to

  • Design with open interfaces and APIs
  • Establish proof of concept of the business case early
  • Think ahead – use the Business IT roadmap actively

It is not an easy task and it will take time, but it is important to focus on the next step on your Digital Journey. The easiest solutions are tempting and will give you a lower development cost, at least in the short term. But if you later have to refactor the code or rebuild the Architecture, you may have chosen the wrong decisions in the first place.


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