You are a hands-on Azure expert that aside from the deep interest in technology wishes to grow within leadership and business. You will work closely together with Glaze’s management team and you will be in charge of our Consultant Business unit, where we build custom solutions on top of our Azure IoT cloud platform ( or as completely customised cloud solutions.

You will be responsible for the Consultant Business unit and work as their daily leader and have responsibility for the quality and stability of deliveries, and for capturing and maturing solution concepts based on our deliveries together with the Beacon Tower platform team. You will refer to our CEO and be the key attributor to building up a consultant organisation.

A part of growing a successful consultant business is also getting your hands dirty. Therefore, you should expect to work as a senior consultant for our customers, primarily focused on architecture and strategy, business consulting, cloud infrastructure and enterprise architecture.

We expect you to have deep experience in building whole or big parts of systems that interact. You have either lead or been part of system architecture designs multiple times and worked as a consultant with customers’ product owners obtaining requirements for the desired system. Much of your experience comes from day-to-day work with technology and getting your hands dirty.

You don’t necessarily have the leadership experience today, but you have an ambition to move in that direction and to add a leadership dimension to your technology and business expertise.

About us
You will be part of a company that has a truly unique profile. Your colleagues are part of the top tier in the business and you should expect to be challenged. However, we take pride in working together as a team, to utilize each other’s strengths and to provide support when using our weaker sides. For us it is important to be at the forefront of the technology and be able to advise our clients about how relevant technology can be leveraged in their business.

We have a name for our culture – we call it Glaze United. It summarizes that we utilize the unified knowledge available and we leverage our deliveries by thinking and acting as one team.

Please send your CV and application to You are welcome to call Jakob Appel for more information on +45 26 17 18 58.