We have customers that wish us to be their trusted advisor while they build up their own organisation, we have customers that wants us to supply them with an experienced cloud architect and we have customers that trust us to implement the whole project. Having people with the right skills, competencies and experiences are key when implementing IoT projects, regardless of how the project is carried out.

We have strong skills when the projects need to be executed. We have employed Project Managers, Cloud Architects and Cloud Developers, combined with a broad network of partners within e.g. Sensors, Embedded Development, Edge Gateways, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and all sorts of Microsoft technology (e.g. infrastructure, .NET applications, Dynamics (365), Office 365) that make it possible for us to help our customers regardless of how they want to move forward.


The challenge is not to plan a cheap and fast project. Every consultant can make a plan in no time, showing exactly what you hope to see.

Although Development Cost and Delivery Time are always on the top of the priority list, they are not the only priority. The challenge is to balance Quality, Development Cost/Time and Functionality. The project is not successful if you fail on one of these parameters.

If you are looking for a specific technical competence for your IT Development, a broader holistic view on your solution or a resource that can manage your development project, we will most likely be able to help you. With access to our qualified network of full-time freelancers and part-time advisors we always find a solution to our customers resource needs.

We believe that a successful project need

  • The right project team
  • Balancing of quality, functionality and cost
  • Planning of the development process and the timescale in an iterative approach

The most important condition for a successful project is a team that works. The team works if it has the right competencies, if it cooperates productively and if it is available.

At Glaze, we have a team of project managers, that have focused on this discipline for a long time. We know that it is important to highlight risks and to balance all expectations to the scope of the project. We know that the devil lies in the detail and that detailed planning is important, but also that planning is guessing about the unknowns. Let us help you moving your project forward.


Partner, Flemming von Holck,, +45 30 66 30 61