With breakthrough technology Acconeer has developed a microradar that opens up a new world for human interaction. Acconeer’s sensor is suitable for a wide variety of applications and devices within consumer electronics, smart phones and tablets, wearables, secutiry, industry and vital signs monitoring due to it’s high-precision performance, compact size and market leading power consumption. Typically the sensor is used for high-accuracy distance measurements and presence detection or more advanced use cases such as gesture recognition and material identification.

The Acconeer chip sensor operates in the 60GHz ISM band and includes all parts of the radar system – antenna, RF and baseband – in a 5×5 mm package. Due to Acconeer’s patented technology, the sensor has millimeter accuracy in the measurements and market leading power consumption. Because of its compact package and very low bill of material, the sensor is easy to integrate into any type of device putting high requirements on size, power consumption and form factor. To enable fast and easy application development, the sensor is complemented with highly advanced software algorithms for interpretation of the sensor data .


Glaze has advised and been responsible for the production engineering and qualification phases including setting up of qualification requirements specification and production test requirement specification. Furthermore, Glaze lead and supervised the production engineering projects with different subvendors for production test, production logistic, component assembly process and ASIC manufacturing. We also assisted with setting up processes for product number system, customer complaint system and R&D non-recurring engineering cost follow up system.


Lars Lindell, the CEO at Acconeer says: “The cooperation with Glaze has been very successful and we have been very satisfied with their advisory. They have contributed significantly in setting up mass production of our radar sensor.”