Client: Client:Brimon

Brimon is developing a new revolutionary infrastructure wear monitoring solution, primarily to significantly reduce the lifetime cost of highways. The product continuously measures and analyzes flow and coupled axle load, being the main parameters determining road wear. The data that are stored and analyzed in a cloud solution enables highly accurate specifications for construction and maintenance planning. This is unique and has not been possible before. Hence, this solution can revolutionize the market, having a potential of saving enormous costs in this worldwide multi-billion industry.


Brimon´s predecessor Brosys began its operation in the spring of 2003 with design and classification of bridges, pioneering in 3D technology. After many years in the bridge construction industry the company built up a rather unique expertise in analysis and design of complex structures, which resulted in additional business areas such as bridge classification and data for bridge dispensing. This expertise led to an acquisition of Brosys during 2015 when Brimon was established to stay ahead of competition. Brimon formed a cooperation agreement with Glaze in order to professionalize and ramp up their product development and market penetration. Glaze has provided project management, enterprise design and a business plan. The cooperation has added significant competence value to Brimon in the project prototyping and subsequent commercialization phases.


”The cooperation with Glaze, has accelerated our project as well as putting new energy into it, which has benefitted our new technology and makes us reach our goals”, Tore Nilsson CEO.