FLSmidth is collecting several hundreds of signals every minute from their machines around the world and bring them together in the cloud to provide asset health, process optimization and do advanced analytics on them. Glaze has participated in architecting and implementing the Microsoft Azure based IIoT-data collection platform at FLSmidth.


It is primarily in asset health and process optimization, that there are improvements to pick up on in terms of productivity and sustainability. In an industry, where increased costs and significant emission of CO2 is the norm, even small performance improvements and reductions in energy consumption on a few percent matter. Downtime on the machinery can be reduced through condition-based maintenance, where a part is replaced, or the machine is repaired based on the customer’s own operating data instead of the manufacturer’s instructions.
Glaze has participated in developing a prototype of cost-effective cloud platform that could be offered to FLSmidth’s customers from all over the globe. The first phase of the project was about setting the target architecture. Next phase of the IIoT project was all about scale, reliability, cost effectiveness and monitoring as more sensors were connected to the IIoT Platform.


“Glaze has throughout the project delivered required consultancy and been a reliable partner” says Umid Akhmedov, FLSmidth.