Topdanmark intend to continue to be a leading insurance company in the Danish market. Therefore, Topdanmark aims at continuously combining new technology and digitization with competent experience within insurance and risk assessment. With the emergence of the Internet of Things comes new possibilities such as the opportunity to add a new layer of proactive prevention to the traditional insurance business model of damage compensation. Topdanmark has responded to that challenge by developing its own IoT platform and by working on several different use cases. As Topdanmark is a big insurance player in the agricultural market one of the use cases aim at helping farmers to monitor the slurry level and additional metrics of their slurry tanks through the portal which is developed by SEGES and used by many farmers to get an overview of key performance indicators, business partners and other relevant farming information.


Slurry is an important asset for the farmer as fertilizer to his fields but it’s also a cost that requires investments in handling and storage. And it’s not without any risks. Each year several damages on slurry tanks are registered. The damages usually occur when the height of the groundwater is greater than the slurry level in the tank. When the slurry level reaches a critically low point tanks are in danger of bursting because the bottom of the tank doesn’t withstand the pressure from the groundwater. This causes great distress for the farmer, it’s a costly affair for the insurance company and it can have devastating consequences for the environment.
In collaboration with SEGES Topdanmark are therefore working on developing a digital solution that helps the farmer to monitor the slurry level and detect anomalies by triggering actionable alerts in real-time to prevent damages. Topdanmark access data from tanks equipped with a sensor which is collected and processed by the IoT platform and made available for the farmer through the portal. Thereby, the farmer gets a better overview which makes it more convenient to optimize storage capacity and planning of spreading to the fields. In addition, the farmer gets a warning when it’s time to stop filling a tank or when the level is becoming critically low. Thereby, damages and slurry spills can be avoided.
Glaze has participated in developing the cloud-based IoT platform used to integrate with sensors and sensor providers. Glaze also helped develop proof-of-concept sensors and end-user applications (mobile web app).


”Glaze quickly provided the right consultant with both hardware skills and excellent backend competencies, which was essential when having only a small but agile team!” – Kjetil Kraemer, Digital Officer, Head of IoT