Client:Urban Water

Danish article about Urban Water and Glaze cooperation.

Urban Water is producing a ground breaking high water shut that is equipped with an electronic box connected to the cloud, which keeps you and your household informed via SMS when a cloudburst is occuring. You can also download the app to your smartphone, so you can always follow what’s happening in your sewer.
The installation engineer can also use the app to keep track of its installation sites. Month by month, the installation engineer can pull a list of products that should be serviced.


Urban Water has been scouting the market for a partner that had business advisors with a deep technology understanding. Specifically, they were in the need of a partner that had the technical foundation for clarifying the unique technical solutions and business model for investors, while acting as sparring partners during the product development.
Glaze has assisted Urban Water within ideation & strategy, hereunder with applications for funds, business development for new markets and also a potential IPO (Initial public offering (IPO) or stock market launch).


“Glaze has provided me with exactly the consultancy I needed. I enjoyed their flexibility and ability to very quickly understand our product and market, and ultimately they successfully helped me gain substantial funds.” Flemming Lind, CEO/Founder.