We help IoT-enable your products, machines or services so that your organisation can turn insight into action and use digital twins to build bridges between physical and digital, thereby enabling you to generate new revenue streams and do business smarter.
We are specialised within Industrial IoT and many of our projects involve global roll-outs of connected devices and cloud integration. We assist throughout the whole project cycle – from business case to operation – and we have implemented some of the largest Industrial IoT-projects in Scandinavia.

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We design and implement enterprise cloud systems for IoT-data collection and integration with business systems. We can tailor solutions and we also offer a Microsoft Azure based IoT-Cloud Platform as either an out-of-the-box solution or as a design stepping stone.
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We can interface locally to existing OT/embedded systems, e.g. MES, SCADA, Historians, PLCs and various sensors, and we can establish an entirely new Edge solution including development of electronics.
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We help you design and implement integration to Advanced Analytics, CRM, ERP or Connected Field Services, making your IoT-solution a 360 degree solution covering edge integration, data collection and commercial exploitation.
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We have strong skills when the projects need to be executed. Project Managers, Cloud Architects and Cloud Developers, combined with a broad network of experts within e.g. Sensors, Embedded Development, Edge Gateways and Machine Learning.
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Medical device & app is a special consultancy area where we help companies within the medical space to successfully develop, approve, launch and maintain products, regardless of the size of the company. Our team has experience from a very diverse set of companies from start-ups to large enterprises with lot’s of legacy.
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Other Activities

IoT discovery workshops

Let our senior advisors inspire you with a vast experience in digital innovation and knowledge about cutting edge IoT cases within your industry. We are not only technical experts, we also have some very sharp business and creative minds that can help your organisation discover your IoT business potential.

IoT assessments

How well adapted is your company for IoT business models and how do your competitors handle IoT? What existing assets or products do you have that you can build value upon through IoT? We provide you with an assessment of your business along with recommendations.

Business cases

Our simple and effective process helps you identify the most fitting business cases for your organisation. In the process we will answer the following questions:

How can your organisation leverage the potential of IoT? How do we conduct a proof-of-concept? What is the total cost of ownership? Which are the major risks? What business cases should we refine, and which should we omit?


Let us test your business hypothesis with our “works-like, looks-like, feels-like” methodology. In the “works-like” phase we test the hypothesis with standard products and get valuable user feedback and workflow knowledge. The “looks-like” phase provides further details with form-factors, business case refinement and proof-of-technology. The “feels-like” phase adresses user experience and technology challenges.

IoT-Cloud architecture

We design maintainable, cost-effective yet scalable IoT-data collection platforms. We have significant experiences helping clients with requirement specification, detailed design and micro-service architecture while preparing the design for several levels of access and future analytics. We have established a platform for an IoT Data Collection Platform, based on our experiences from the projects we have been involved in. We continue to adjust the platform based on development in the Ecosystems and the experiences from our projects. We call this platform  Beacon Tower.

IoT-Cloud implementation

Designing and implementing an IoT-Cloud platform differs from a typical “infrastructure lift and shift” cloud project. An IoT-Cloud project involves interfacing to devices / sensors (sometimes through a gateway/edge passing it on via Modbus, Profibus, CAN bus or other industrial protocols) and understanding signals; handling events and storing streaming data accordingly; administration of access to data and multi-tenancy support for enterprises; cost-effective micro-service design and implementation. We have deep understanding of the requirements of the IoT-Cloud and have carefully designed, implemented and specified requirements for some of the most demanding IoT-Cloud platforms in the Nordics, as well as created our own  IoT-Cloud platform.

Device development and sourcing

We help you go from prototypes to real-world products and make sure that it is within the agreed time-to-market, quality and cost. We handle development of electronics and selection of sensors while making sure that the balance between connectivity and power consumption is right. Examples on our device project experiences range from micro and extreme low power electronics, RF-design, FPGA and ASIC design to industrial EMC requirements, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 validation.

Project management

Our senior advisors have many years of experience within management and handling of development of intelligent products. We handle the day-to-day project management as your company’s trusted advisor, mitigating the risks and always focusing on a transparent and flexible project management tailored your requirements. We have noticeable project execution experience within highly regulated products, e.g. MDD/IVDD/QSR and FDA.


Security is a critical element of an IoT deployment. We have processes and experts that help you avoid incorrect data exposure and insecure infrastructure of devices and back-end.


New products and services are not always going to remain new. Therefore, we secure that maintenance and support are included in the project planning and organisation.


Our business and development framework consist of a slightly extended spiral commitment model, revised specifically for business case and PoC exploration.


Our project model is focused on systems of systems. It is an iterative and risk-minimising approach that suits modern project management methodologies.


Governance, operation, maintenance and product updates are integral parts of our project framework and mindset. In IoT-projects these parameters are key from the get-go.