Client: E.ON
E.ON 100Koll is an energy and smart-home solution helping customers understand their energy usage and controlling appliances through Wifi. 100Koll is a platform where E.ON will integrate new innovative products and services helping their customers to a more comfortable life.
Glaze has contributed with project management, cloud and overall architecture and business case development.


100Koll visualizes your electricity consumption in real time. When you see how much electricity you use, and what devices who consume the most, it becomes easier to reduce consumption. Electronic gadgets in standby mode is one of the home’s most common energy thieves. With 100Koll you can schedule your TV, cable box and the computer so they do not standby and use electricity unnecessarily. With 100Koll you can control your gadgets remotely through a smart phone app. Perfect for those wishing to set up lighting and washing machine in time for his return. Or be sure that you shut down the coffee machine.
The challenge was to launch a product that allows the users to monitor their power consumption while enabling E.ON to utilise useful and GDPR-compliant data. The product has launched and is succesfully used in thousand of Swedish homes.