Lithium Balance is developing a breakthrough energy solution for power storage from solar panels and windmills. The energy solution automatically chooses the most suitable way for each battery to either store or use power locally or sell the power to the grid. Glaze has helped design and develop the cloud and edge platform that enables each Battery Management System to intelligently dispose its energy based on the weather forecast, energy prices and power-consumption.


Lithium Balance has for many years developed and sold battery management systems, but energy storage systems are a new market for the company. Within the first year, the first test solutions will be installed in 30 different locations in Denmark, Scotland and Spain. These range from small battery systems with a capacity of 10 kWh to single-family houses and large systems of 100-250 kWh for larger properties.
Glaze has helped Lithium Balance with design and development of the IIoT solution, which, in short, consists of edge computing for real-time and offline site control of the battery and the IoT cloud platform that delivers a 24-hour plan for management of the energy storage system. Microsoft Azure is used as IoT cloud platform and its corresponding IoT Edge functionality for connecting the site controller and the cloud.
The solution extends the possibilities from local model only to a more intelligent control of the energy storage system with cloud utilization enabling machine learning and 3rd party data sources.
The cloud solution retrieves real time data, including electricity prices and weather forecasts, and together with data from the individual energy storage system, it is possible to configure the specific energy management model for the next 24 hours of the customer’s energy storage system.


“Glaze has delivered outstanding consultancy and they have really applied their knowledge to utilise Microsoft Azure as an IoT cloud platform with a no-nonsense approach”, says Lars Kruse Director, Energy Systems, Lithium Balance.